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WordPress sites are attacked by hackers every day. Many sites fall prey to hackers simply because they are not secure enough.

So step up your game, and beef up your website security with a few easy steps. Secure your WordPress website using iThemes Security plugin.

iThemes Security Pro is one of the best security plugins on the market. iThemes Security touts itself as the #1 security plugin for WordPress. Big claim, but with over 30 features to protect your site, iThemes puts its money where its mouth is.

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Here is a full list of its features:

[+] Brute force attack protection
[+] Strong password enforcement
[+] Hide login and admin pages
[+] Security reports
[+] File change detection
[+] Lock out users with too many failed log in attempts or 404 errors
[+] Detects file changes
[+] Make the admin inaccessible for an amount of time you set (if you go on vacation)
[+] Hide your WordPress, and jQuery versions, and other header meta data
[+] Remove update notifications to your users
[+] Change WordPress database table prefix from the default 'wp_'
[+] Change wp-content folder path (where many sensitive files are stored)
[+] Ability to display a random WordPress version number to non-admin users
[+] Force SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on admin, or front end pages
[+] Detects attacks to your database, files, and attacks by bots
[+] Emailed database backup on a customizable schedule
[+] Disable PHP execution in uploads
[+] Disable user's author page if post count is zero
[+] Force users to create a unique nickname when updating profile, or registering
[+] Comment spam blocking (limited)
[+] Two-factor authentication for log ins

Setting it up and getting started was fast and easy. You can get it up and running by simply clicking the default settings button. There are LOTS of features and settings so you can tweak it pretty much any way you want to.

Finding a reliable security plugin sounds easy in practice, yet it can be a difficult task. To be safe just use this iThemes Security PRO plugin.

You can download iThemes Security PRO plugin PLUS 970+ other premium themes, plugins and WooCommerce extension from the link below:

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