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Vantage is 1 of the most popular business directory theme for WordPress. It is powerful, robust, and easy to use. That's not all — Vantage is fully responsive which means it scales perfectly on mobile devices.

Now you can quit messing around with other directory themes that only cause headaches and hours of troubleshooting and maintenance. Vantage is simple and pain-free. Within minutes of downloading Vantage, you can create the killer directory site you've always dreamed of.

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Here's some of the features that I really like from this theme:

[+] Flexible, Powerful Pricing Plans
Vantage pricing plans give you plenty of ways to generate income. Create multiple pricing plans. Assign plans to categories. Offer featured listings on home page and category pages. Your imagination will be the only limit to the kinds of plans you create.

[+] Claim Listings
Don't wait for business owners to come to you! Entice them to sign up with our claim a listing function. Populate your site by importing or inputting tons of listings, mark specific listings as 'claimable', then let business owners claim and pay for the listing.

[+] Monetize Your Site
Charge business owners to be listed on your site. Sell featured placements at a premium for even more revenue. With Vantage, you'll be able to generate a stable and reliable source of income.

[+] Reviews & Ratings
User-generated reviews and ratings are a great way to provide businesses with feedback. Business owners can moderate and respond too. It's also an awesome content generator which helps grow your site (and increase your SEO).

[+] User Favorites
Let your users mark listings as favorite, so they can view them in their customer dashboard. It's a great tool to use instead of bookmarking each listing in their web browser.

You can download Vantage Business Directory WordPress theme PLUS 970+ other premium themes, plugins and WooCommerce extension from the link below:

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